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India Rural and Agriculture Tour HOME

At present people existing in the cities and urban areas are longing to live a peaceful and cool life which could be near to natural world and faraway from the hustle and bustle of the urban life and its frustrating schedule. We as a medium would like to call you to take this chance to fulfill your wishes even for some time to be very close to nature. Imagine having lunches and dinners below the unwrap sky and resting in the mosquito nets in the open courtyard of a home where the fresh cool breeze passes delighting and romancing you. Many opportunities can be sensed from the reality that even at present 70% of Indians living in cities have not experienced actual village in their whole life. Although about 70% of the Indian population lives in the villages. It’s a hard fact to accept that most of the urban residents has never been close to their roots. I would also say that by promoting the rural and Agriculture tourism, we can produce employment and income for the rural people which in turn can provide economic stability to rural people. This can also end the mass movement of people to the urban cities in search of employment. These tours give you an opportunity to see the real Indian and experience the simplicity that still dominates the rural community and provide the opportunity to the urban people to know about their roots and ancestors. Get locked with nature and feels the freshness in the atmosphere, away from all the polluted environs of the urban cities.
Suggested program - 3 nights / 4 days


Day - 1
Arrive and welcome in the village. Evening travel around the village. Later introduction with the family members and have traditional dinner. Overnight at Homestay.

Day -2
Get up early morning and have bed tea. Proceed to see the milking of cows and buffaloes. Later go to the milk collection centres. Have Breakfast and then continue to visit the farms. PackedLunch at the farms. Evening dinner with camp fire and folk music and dance. Overnight at Homestay.

Day - 3
Today morning after breakfast we will again go to the farms by bullock carts / tractor. (Please carry along your bathing clothes as today we will get a chance to have bath at the tubewell tank – 6 x 10 tank before lunch). We will see and observe how the farmers work and sow the seed. We can even join them and try our hands at ploughing the fields / sowing of seeds or may be weeding, cutting of fodder for the cattles. Later in the evening return home and see the milking of cows and buffaloes and help the family in grinding of fodders and giving it to the cattles. Home cooked dinner with the family.

Day - 4
Bed tea. Morning at leisure before departing to the respective destinations.

To make the tours more interesting and fact finding we arrange activities that will be of interest to the people on daily basis:

1. Animal Feeding – one can actually see how the animal feed is cut from the fields and brought home to cut into small pieces to be actually given to the cows and buffaloes. Be a part of the whole affair.
2. Guided Crop /Vegetables / Fruits farms visits.
3. Care for cattle and their cleanliness.
4. Harvest festivals – these will depend on the seasons one intends to take the tour.
5. Visit to local markets where you can see the farmers selling their produce.
6. We will also visit the milk collection centres from where it is transported to the cities.
7. Milking of the goats, Cow and buffaloes.
8. Visit to various Religious places of worship.
9. Depending on the season one takes the tour we arrange programmes on agriculture: how to grow wheat, sugar cane, guava, watermelon, tomato, other vegetables.
10. If lucky enough one can also view some wildlife like Blue Bulls, Blackbucks, Jackals and other bords and animals.

Evening Entertainment Programs
Folk dance, music, campfire & lot of fun filled games.

Unlimited fun with Rural games
• Bullock cart and tractor Rides.
• Cycle to the farm.
• Kabaddi.
• Kho-Kho.
• Bullock Ploughing.

*Notes for Travellers

Dress Code - In villages and rural areas in India wearing shorts, small skimpy tops, and spaghetti straps is considered immodest. Such dress may send wrong messages to the youth, which may unduly solicit wrong conduct. October to March is the best time to visit rural India. Inner Thermal wear is useful while at camps. Warm clothes are necessary for the morning and evenings.
Water – Bottled water can be arranged on prior request. Else we have the fresh water from the hand pump.
Food – It will be simple home cooked meals including bread toast, omelette, juice etc.

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